Thinking Green

Setting the standard for sustainable commercial development, Fremont Village has utilized several leading edge sustainable building practices in an effort to conserve energy and minimize the project’s environmental impact. These measures include:

  • An expansive 150,000 square foot green roof on top of the Centre’s Walmart contributes to reducing the heat island effect, while cutting heating and cooling costs and naturally irrigating the landscaped areas on and around the building by collecting stormwater
  • A strict construction waste management plan is being followed, which sees the diversion of 75% of building construction waste from landfills
  • Exterior LED lighting to reduce light pollution
  • Integrated, alternative stormwater management systems have been incorporated within the site infrastructure that address stormwater runoff and water quality objectives through integrated landscape systems such as bioswales and rain gardens
  • Bicycle parking and alternative, efficient vehicle parking spots encourage the use of efficient lower GHG emissions transportation
  • Water consumption has been minimized through efficient indoor fixtures and water‐wise landscaping and irrigation
  • Garbage generation has been reduced and recycling increased through the integration of recyclable collection infrastructure
  • A reduced amount of virgin materials being utilized in construction through a mandate whereby 5% of all building materials are to be created with recycled content or are reused
  • By using a minimum of 10% of building materials that are processed and manufactured within 800 km of the project, Fremont Village is supporting local industries and employment, and is reducing the embodied energy and emissions involved in transporting materials long distances

Setting itself apart from other Shopping Centres, Fremont Village aims to provide an environment that is inherently pedestrian oriented and creates a sense of local community, while maintaining the highest of sustainable building and operating standards. A centrally located main plaza complemented by a multitude of gathering places creates a welcoming outdoor environment, encouraging customers to appreciate the natural landscape that embodies Fremont Village. Fremont Village Plaza itself will house concerts, art exhibitions, and shows the whole family can enjoy.